Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Pewter Casting

Every Wednesday my class, Room 12 takes a bus to Tamaki College. We are divided into 3 different groups A, B and C. I'm in group B.

Have you ever handled metal? I have! My group is doing pewter casting. We've been conspiring ideas for pendants for family members and friends as a gift.

Here are possible pendant concepts I had thought of. Each silhouette represents something that my recipients (people who maybe receiving a gift) like. I have thought of my father, papa and mother. They are all so dear to me. 

This week at least 4 people in my group were able to get started. I decided for my final design, to go with the fish for my papa. The metal we are using is called "pewter". It's a melt-able metal that is somewhat easy to bend.

So far I've been able to make my mould and get a rough looking pendant. Next week I'll be moving onto smoothing and polishing my pendant.

Becoming A Prefect

At the end of last year, 2017 I was chosen by five prefects to become one! It was very nerve wracking. Three others from year seven and six were chosen. Receiving a badge knowing that others notice how responsible I am makes me feel more proud of myself.

Now, here we are in 2018. Everything has changed. I have new responsibilities and expectations to fulfil. So far I am having lots of fun. Everything has been so exciting and interesting to me. It is now easier to understand how responsible and efficient a teacher and principle has to be.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Okay, Who Am I This Time?

Okay, Who Am I This Time?

For starters I am not a human... Yes I am a creature but not human kind.

I used to get bullied for being different. I got bullied for being special. For I have a very shiny nose, some may even say it glows. Until one foggy night, a kind, jolly man came up to me and said something that made me very happy. 

We worked side by side. I helped him direct his sleigh, throughout the night. With my nose so bright I was able to help him. He repaid me by providing me shelter and feeding me carrots.

I am now well-known around the world. People even made a song all about me. How lucky am I!

Who may I be?

Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I am jolly and cheerful. I visit the world once a year, checking to see who's naughty and nice. My little friends help me in my workshop. I have many pets. There is one special one whose nose glows.

I enjoy wearing the colour red, with a black belt. I have a pair of sharp black boots, with fur at the top. People say I smell like sweets, chocolate and candy some may even say I smell like flowers. My face is a bright rose pink. I have a white beard that covers almost half of my face. Even though I have a beard I still smile with glee and everybody sees.

When I come out to play I feel joyful. I love visiting all of the children around the world. Lucky enough, some kids leave cookies and milk out for me to eat. Sometimes a piece of cake and some carrots for my pets. I frolic around the world and make it home in time for supper. All of my little friends have a break.

For now we can rest.

I say farewell to all kids, for they'll see me next year... When I come out to play.

Who am I?

Monday, 27 November 2017

What Is It?

What Is It?

This object comes out once a year. 

It comes in many shape, sizes and colours. Some are real, some are fake... Some have lights, some are boring. This object is usually decorated with colours. Decorated with sparkling tassels and glittery orbs. It looks so beautiful completed with a star. If it's real, it smells like something from mother natures forest. If fake, it smells like plastic.

When you look at it, your face creates a grin. You feel so happy and excited. When touching it, you get tickled. Feeling it brushing against your skin makes you shiver. Some times, a group of people will gather around this object and start singing. Most of the time, your family will gather and laugh and cherish this object.

What is it?

Comment below what you think it is.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Blood Donors

Today, my reading group read an article called 'Blood In The Bank'. This took place at Penrose High School.

Heather Masson always wondered to herself whether some of her blood is about to be used to help save a life. She is a Blood Donor. Twice a year, the mobile blood-donor unit comes to Penrose High School, where she is a seventh former. Beds are set up in school assembly hall. Heather and the other students give a donation of blood for the blood bank.

That was a quick summery about what happened on the first page. I would write more but Blood In The Bank is such a LONG article.

Part 4 School Journal Number 1 1987